Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chili Cheese Coney Dogs

Chili Cheese Coney Dogs


6 hot dogs

6 hot dog buns, split

12 tablespoons chili sauce (with OR without beans-your choice)

1/3 cup fresh onion, chopped

1 cup cheese sauce, melted (Cheeze Whiz)


1Cook Hot Dogs. You could grill them, you could pan fry them , you could even boil them if you wanted.

2Heat chili sauce.You could heat it on the side burner of your grill if you have one, you could heat it on the stove, you could even heat it in the microwave if you wanted.

3Place 1 Hot Dog on 1 hot dog bun.

4Spoon warmed chili sauce onto hot dog.

5Sprinkle with onions

6Tops with cheese sauce.

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